Corporate Training & Certification Workshops

In an ever changing business environment it is important that managers are geared to handle the nuances through effective professional management.

Our series of programs will help managers to develop the ability to manage complex business situations, especially the art of making decisions in uncertain or ambiguous environments, break away from functional focus and develop a more inclusive attitude, integrate cross-functional objectives to generate innovative solutions that benefit the organization as a whole, and build a global business, general management programs for you.

Ours’ are the proven workshops that have helped many executives in overcoming some of their fundamental concerns of professional management. Participants have appreciated the simplicity and the directness of the program in effectively conveying the message that can be recollected months after the program.

Training Methodology

These training programs are delivered with the needs of adult learning requirements in mind. As a result programs are highly interactive. Instructor plays the role of learning facilitator and encourages everyone to contribute in the program.

  • Keeping in mind the profile of the participants, the methodology used will be highly discovery oriented and participant centered.

  • It will be highly interactive and participative in its delivery.

  • Time is also budgeted for participants to introspect and examine their current practices.

  • Depending on the program an appropriate mix of various techniques and tools will be used to conduct the program.

  • Mix of these techniques and tools will ensure high level of retention and help participants to link new learning to the real world situations of the job.

  • Critical inputs will be provided and the participants will be challenged to revisit their beliefs and modify them if considered necessary and apply them on the job or / and personal life.

In these programs we use presentation, videos, workbooks, case studies, group games and activities. Presentation includes templates and tools to practice and implement creativity within an organization.